🛰 Goldman Sachs Top 100 Entrepreneur
🧠 Fmr. President, Brainspace AI (acquired by Reveal)
🤖 Fmr. CEO (ex-CTO), Volley AI (J.P. Morgan)

Affil. Stanford AII; Center on Counterterrorism (CTEC); Bloomberg NEF; Society for Science & The Public; Forbes Technology Council; Rockefeller Asia Society; SI Capital.


I’m a product leader, nerd, and angel investor on a lifelong mission to give people superpowers. 👾

Right now, I’m racing to improve 1 billion lives by 2025.

Although my areas of expertise are helpful in achieving that (product management/marketing, natural language processing, machine learning, infosec, enterprise sales, branding, investing), they're far from enough.

So if you’re doing something incredible, please reach out.

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